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 Services & Pricing

-------------------------------------         Services & Pricing


Beat Purchasing

Non-Exclusive Agreement

$100.00 per beat

other artist will still have a chance to work with the beat until you buy the "Exclusive Agreement" stating you will be the only one  

with the right to release this beat.

Beat Purchasing

Exclusive Agreement

$500.00  per beat     

You will be the only one with this agreement to working on this beat. 

Studio Session Engineer

$25.00 per hr.

Studio Recording

$50.00 per hr. 

for music or vocals

Song Production

$75.00 per hr.

Custom Beat Production, songwriting assistance, lyrics & arrangements, editing,   MPC programming, keyboard programming, ProTools recording & editing, Ozone 8 editing software, Sound Forge Pro 11 Mastering Suite

Many plugins from UAD, Waves, Softube, SSL, and more. Pro Mixing with ProTools or Sony Vegas.

Audio Post Production

Song Mixing $5.00 per track

Mastering $50.00 per Song  

Stem Mastering $75.00 per song

Submit your song file in wave format

Music Lessons & Tech Lessons 

$75.00 per hr. here @ Next Level Studio

Technical Studio Services

$75.00 per hr. for visit to studio for repairs & Consultations.

Video Shoots

$100.00 per hr. 

2 hr. minimum per project

Video Post Production

$100.00 per hr.               

2 hr. minimum per session

--------------------------------------------Website Designing Services

Professional WebSites & Web-Stores designed by our web experts. Get your website designed and running in less than 3 days.
Economy Site 5 Pages                           

$499.99 (one time) design fee

$4.99/mo hosting
$9.99/yr domain registration                                   $49.99/mo site administration                    

Deluxe Site 10 Pages
$999.99 (one time) design fee

$9.99/yr domain registration
$8.99/mo for hosting
$99.99 /mo. site administration

Premium Site 15 pages                               $1499.99 (one time) design fee

$9.99/yr domain registration                     
$12.99/mo for hosting
$150.00 per mo Admin fee
Custom Web Sites Unlimited pages
$1999.99 one time set up fee

$12.99 domain registration
$19.99 per mo for hosting
20 products (We set up first 10)
Fast! Ready in 1 week max
$199.99 per mo. Administration fee

Deluxe Web Store
$199.99 one time set up fee

designed with your logo & images
consultation with your designer
100 products. (We set up first 25)
Ready in 1-week max
$29.99 mo cart 100 products
$12.99 yr domain name registration

Premium Web Store
$399.99 one time set up fee

designed with your logo & images
consultation with your designer
unlimited products.
Ready in 1-week max

$49.99 mo cart unlimited products
$12.99 yr domain name registration

Website Updates

$75.00 per hr.

Logo Designing

$75.00 per hr.

Brand Establishing

$75.00 per hr.

Music, Video & Entertainment Consultations

50.00 per hr.

Referrals & Finders Fees

5% of the 1st year income of the project once it is released

For more info

Call 310-549-1113  Ask for "Tjamz"

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